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Planetary Gear

Jual Planetary Gear

 Selling Planetary Gear is a gear system consisting of one or more outer gears, or planetary gears, rotating around the central gears, or the sun. Usually, planetary gears are mounted on a movable arm or carrier that can rotate relative to the sun's gear. The epicyclic gearing system can also combine the use of an outer or annular ring gear, which blends with the planetary gear in the world of automotive and Planetary Gear machines used for automatic transmission systems. This type of gear uses several gears that are interconnected with the same shaft. The Planetary Gear functions as a tool that can increase or decrease the engine RPM speed. Made from quality metal alloy material so that the quality is guaranteed.

PT. Sarana Teknik Agent Apex Dynamics is a leading planetary gear distributor in Jakarta. The products we sell are quality products and the price of planetary gear that we offer is relatively cheaper than the market.

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