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Helical Planetary Gearbox
Helical Planetary Gearbox
Helical Planetary Gearbox
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14 Apr 2020
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Helical Planetary Gearbox is a type of Planetary Gear that uses cylindrical gears and tilted gears. This type of gearbox has a greater contact ratio and is superior in silence and less vibration and is able to transmit greater strength. A pair of helical gears has the same helical angle but the helix hands are opposite.

Apex Dynamics Italy Srl is a supplier in Italy and through a worldwide network, consisting of 30 Apex agents in 24 countries, product availability and delivery guaranteed worldwide. We offer our experience to choose a gearbox for your application.

We have a very wide range of gearbox products, which can be installed in almost all servomotors and can be exchanged geometrically with most gearboxes from other manufacturers. Through continuous research and development together with high-volume production and unmatched technology, Apex Dynamics always excels in innovation and closely follows your needs and market developments.

On our website, we will provide a very practical design tool to help you through the selection process. The Apex product range consists of more than 9000 different sizes and gear ratios to choose from. Modern production facilities from Apex Dynamics Inc. in Taiwan has a floor area of ​​more than 70,000 square meters and a production capacity of 50,000 units per month. So, whatever your needs, we are sure to fulfill them with competitive prices and fast delivery.

High Precision Planetary Gearbox is one type of Gearbox Motor that is used as a component of increasing speed, speed, direction, neutral and direct drive. The gear set can also provide variations in speed that are set during operation, with neutral direction and direct drive.

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